You can initiate your chat box and integrate better snippet with your website in a number of ways.

Please ensure that you have the latest chat box snippet installed on your site before continuing.


You need to get your chat box initiation code.

Visit and click a Sign Up.

Once logged In then click on integration button and inside widget section get chat box initiation code.

Step 1: Insert Widget Code to webpage

Copy the following sample widget code and paste it inside <HEAD> section of your webpage

Step 2: Reload Webpage

Save your code and reload webpage.

/*  Widget Code */
<script async src="{code}/init.js"></script>
<scrip async src=""></script>
/* / Widget Code */

Customer Tracking

Use the script at right to update visitor details.

Step 1: Embed tracking code

Copy the sample customer tracking code under <HEAD> section of your webpage before widget code.

Step 2: Reload Webpage

Save your code and reload webpage.

Make sure you replace inside bracket words with your own code that outputs real user data for the currently logged-in user on each of your pages.

All are optional, you can pass only those value that you wanted and you can remove which details you don't have.

               name:{{name}}, //FULL_NAME
               email:{{email}}, //EMAIL
               phone:{{phone}}', //PHONE_NUMBER
               remarks:{{comment}}, //REMARKS

Cobrowsing API

Hide customer sensitive information to agent.

Please add this tag in your html text box:

<input data-skip-cobrowse type="text" name="creditcard" placeholder="credit card number">


After app loads

To execute code after tagove app loads, push your code to tagove array using tagove.push().

Make sure to put tagove.push() before init.js under <HEAD> section of your code.

Methods on tagoveAppObject

Method Description
max() Maximizes Chat Widget
min() Minimizes Chat Widget
startChat() Starts a new chat
myself() Return current User Object
availableAgents() Return list of available agents as Array

Properties on tagoveApp Object

Property Value Description
chat().data().id integer Gives chat id ( eg. 471 )
chat().data().status String Gives status of current chat
pending Status shows chat still to start
active Status shows chat already started

  // your code here will run
  // after tagove widget loads completely.

<script async src=""></script>